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Our beliefs

AI for all

We believe that AI should be a tool for empowerment, accessible to companies of all sizes and sectors. By offering bespoke AI solutions, we aim to level the playing field and foster innovation across the board.

think big

We believe that audacious goals and groundbreaking solutions can bring about monumental changes, and that's why we focus on hiring exceptional talent and fostering a merit-based culture.


We believe it's our responsibility to develop AI solutions that adhere to present & future regulation, resonate with global ethics, and provide a clear net benefit to society today & tomorrow.

Our values

Sustainable Growth

We don't seek growth at all costs. We aim to build a durable company that can sustain the storms ahead.

Press Pause

We incentivise & reward hard work. But, we also encourage you to take time off when you desire a break.

Indie Hacker Ethos

We encourage a spirit of independence and experimentation, allowing you to fail & learn.

Open Culture

Your voice is valued, no matter your job-title, background or seniority. Our door is always open.

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