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Transform your customer service by automating the mundane. Our custom AI solution works in harmony with your CRM, giving your support team real-time insights and a winning strategy, effortlessly scaling your operations.

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Tailor-made solutions

Topic & sentiment detection

Gauge customer sentiment in real-time during interactions, helping agents adapt their strategies for improved outcomes.

automated interactions

Automate routine inquiries, enabling your support team to focus on complex issues that require a human touch.

Ticket Routing

Use AI to categorize and route customer tickets to the most suitable support agent, reducing resolution time.

Language Translation

Break down language barriers by incorporating AI-driven translation tools in customer interactions.

Self-Service Portals

Implement AI-driven FAQ and knowledge bases that learn from customer interactions to continuously improve.

Feedback Loop

Continuously improve customer support operations by analyzing both agent and customer feedback using AI algorithms.

Ready to Revolutionise Your HR Operations?

Harness the capability of custom AI to elevate your HR functions, making them more streamlined, dynamic, and data-driven.

Automated Talent Acquisition

Simplify the hiring process by leveraging AI algorithms that automatically screen, sort, and rank candidates, freeing up your HR team for more strategic tasks.

Personalised Onboarding

Enhance new employee experiences with AI-guided onboarding programs, offering tailored paths that expedite their time to productivity.

Data-Driven Performance Analytics

Empower decision-making through AI-generated employee performance metrics, driving improvements and uncovering hidden talents within your organisation.

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What Industry Leaders Say About working with Wonka AI

We're extending our partnership

With Wonka's expertise and commitment, we've not only built a secure, AI-powered environment but have also achieved a much more personalized user experience for surgeons worldwide.

Oliver Ignasi
CTO, AIS Channel
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Speed of delivery isn't just a promise

Tight deadlines aren't an issue for the Wonka team. Having previously worked with a multitude of competitors, it was refreshing to experience their unique combination of speed & quality.

Bernard Questiaux
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